Report 2022
Poland on the way to SDGs
Environmentally sustainable development

Report SDG 2022

The last decade was the warmest in the history of meteorological measurements. The global mean temperature was higher by approximately 1°C compared to the pre-industrial era, and by about 2°C in Europe alone. At the same time, precipitation was irregularly distributed in space and time, and currently it is more intense than some years ago. We are increasingly exposed to weather and climate-related extreme events, as a result of which Poland, according to the European Environment Agency, faced financial loss of more than EUR 3 billion (EUR 88 per capita) in the years 2010-2020. The mitigation of climate change and the protection of natural environment for future generations have been the most urgent tasks outlined for us by the 2030 Agenda.

Climate related financial losses
Years in billion euros euro per 1 inhabitant
2010-2020 3.4 88
2000-2009 2.0 53
1990-1999 5.6 145
1980-1989 5.1 139
Eurostat/European Environment Agency
Structure of expenditure on environmental protection
Outlays on fixed assets for environmental protection and water management in relation to GDP

In Poland, an amount equivalent to about 3% of GDP (more than the EU average of approximately 2% of GDP) is spent each year on environment protection. Are financial outlays and undertakings aimed at limiting the negative influence of the economy on the environment effective? Is the Polish economy more environmentally sustainable now than a decade ago? This year’s Report attempts to answer these questions. As in the previous editions, we present only selected phenomena and general trends. If you are interested in more detailed information, please refer to the following publications: Atlas of environment, Environment 2022 and Economic aspects of environmental protection, as well as toa Statistics Poland’s Information Portal and the National Reporting Platform SDG.

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Report 2022
Poland on the way to SDGs
Environmentally sustainable development
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