Report 2021
Poland on the way to SDGs
Inclusive economic growth

Note to the reader

This current edition of the report offers a different thematic scope and layout than the first publication (Report SDG 2020), which summed up Poland’s progress in achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This report depicts selected issues relating to the inclusiveness of growth, presented in a descriptive and graphical form, divided into four parts concerning respectively:
- Stability of economic growth,
- Inclusive labour market,
- Social inclusion,
- Digital inclusion.

The publication has a synthetic form, thus the catalogue of the presented issues and the scope of their analysis do not exhaust the complex and multifaceted topic of economic inclusion. The basis for the selection of the presented issues were those priorities of Poland’s sustainable development which relate to the elimination of regional and social inequalities. The priorities for Poland were established by the Polish government. They are consistent with the 2030 Agenda Goals set for the entire world, but they take into account the challenges and problems specific to Poland.

The analytical and graphical part is complemented by the Graphical overview of SDG , which presents in an illustrative way Poland’s advancement in the achievement of all 17 Goals in areas which the government recognised as priorities. The indicators presented in the graphs were extracted from an officially accepted set designed to monitor Polish priorities , and they differ from indicators selected by the UN to monitor the 2030 Agenda on a global scale.

The publication analyzes the changes observed in Poland in the years 2015-2020 (or up to the last year for which data were available during the Report’s preparation). As far as it was possible, information on the geographical diversity of phenomena was used. Statistics Poland’s resources were the primary source of data. Some data were obtained from Eurostat or other sources indicated in the Report.

Due to the publication’s informative character, the data in the trend descriptions were rounded. When presenting data as integers (without decimal places), the rounding was done as follows: fractions from 0.01 to 0.49 were rejected, and fractions from 0.50 to 0.99 were rounded up to 1.

Report 2021
Poland on the way to SDGs
Inclusive economic growth
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