Report SDG 2023
Women on the way to sustainable development
Economic activity
Women’s professional life

Although the average career length of Poles is extending, Poland remains in the group of EU states where the expected duration of working life is one of the shorter. Polish women, like most European women, are active on the labour market for a shorter period than men, and are more often economically inactive.

Income equality

Women in Poland earn less than men, although the disparity in wages and salaries is three times smaller compared to the EU average. In 2021, Poland ranked among the top three EU countries (along with Romania and Slovenia) with the lowest gender pay gap to the disadvantage of women.

Women’s activity in science and technology

Women in Poland play a significant role in the development of a knowledge-based economy, although, despite their high qualifications, their access to the most attractive high-tech jobs remains limited.

Women with a specific situation on the labour market

The overall decreasing unemployment and growing employment have for several years contributed to the improving situation of those who, due to certain circumstances, experienced difficulties in entering or remaining in the labour market. The situation of both young and pre-retirement age men and women has improved. On the other hand, disproportions in the employment of mothers and fathers of young children up to 6 years old have persisted.