Report SDG 2023
Women on the way to sustainable development
Health and lifestyle
Pro-health behaviours of women

Women more often than men do preventive examinations and they smoke tobacco and drink alcohol to a lesser extent than men. Fewer women than men are overweight or obese.

Polish women and physical activity

In Poland, women tend not to participate in sports or recreational activities as often as men; lack of free time or lack of willingness were indicated as the main reasons for such a state of matters. Moreover, fewer women are members of sports clubs than men, although their number is growing.

Women’s self-perceived health

Polish residents rate their health increasingly better, although worse than the average of EU residents. Women are less likely than men to form positive opinions about their health, more often rating it negatively or as fair. With age, the difference in the perception of their health condition between men and women becomes more evident, and the tendency to report negatively about their health is more common among women.

Deaths of Polish women caused by modern-age diseases

Poland, like other EU countries, faces the issue of increasing mortality rates resulting from modern-age diseases. In the last decade, the annual average of deaths caused by civilisation-induced health problems among Polish men and women reached 70% and 77%, respectively.