Report SDG 2023
Women on the way to sustainable development
Gaining knowledge
Educational choices of Polish women

In Poland, women make more active use of the education system than men: they withdraw from school less often are more likely to achieve higher education and to continue studying in adult life. At school age, depending on the field, girls perform similarly or slightly better than boys.

Women at universities

Polish women are more willing to pursue higher education than men, and are more likely to continue their studies in postgraduate programmes. Fields of education dominated by women are those related to education, as well as health and welfare.

Scientific advancement of women

Over half of all university graduates and over half of doctoral students are women; nevertheless, it is men who advance academically more often than women. Fewer women than men tend to receive Polish degrees of habilitated doctor and titles of full and titular professor.

Women from abroad studying in Poland

The group of foreigners studying in Poland is constantly growing; most often these students come from European countries. For years, the share of women among foreigners studying in Poland was similar to that of men, while in 2022 it decreased as a result of a large inflow of students from Ukraine.